Junction enables your buildings to work smarter.

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JunctionLink: Wireless Sensors

Expanding the capabilities of Junction with built-in flood detection and temperature, humidity sensors.

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Junction is a service that gathers real time data about buildings and equipment. This allows property managers, superintendents, and building owners to keep tabs on their assets and save money.

A Closer Look

“I’m loving it!  Junction works so well that I want to install one ASAP at one of my other buildings.” 
–  Ed Ermler, Account Executive, Midboro Management

“Got texts from Junction that temperature was very high this AM. Sure enough our cooling tower fan had failed. Boom! Junction.”

– Jon Walker,  Condo owner & Junction customer. 

“Set up is very cool and neat. Amazing how easy it is to use.  We feel more secure already.” 
-Andy Levy, Junction user 

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JunctionBox, an all-in-one sensor device provides users with real time data as it monitors temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, flooding/water leaks, air quality, problematic noise, lights and motion. It also records images and video.


Junction analyzes sensor data to provide recommendations and other actionable intelligence to help prevent problems and improve efficiency.


When Junction detects abnormal conditions it immediately delivers text, email and automated phone alerts to help owners and managers stay informed and effective.

Why Junction

Improve Efficiency

Effective monitoring can save up to 20% on energy costs. Improve operational efficiency and save money with Junction’s monitoring and predictive data analytics.

Loss Avoidance

Junction’s 24/7 monitoring and alerts work to catch dozens of building problems quickly to help avoid problems, decrease insurance claims, and reduce costly repairs.

Staff Time Savings

Junction real-time monitoring allows staff to spend less time physically checking facilities.

Increase Resident Satisfaction

Fewer building problems, improved efficiencies and more effective staff drives increased customer satisfaction and quality of life of the overall residence.

Where is Junction Useful?

Junction benefits all kinds of real estate

Residential Buildings





Commercial Buildings


is currently monitoring





Junction In The News

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