All-in-One Power and Simplicity

JunctionBox™ is our all-in-one sensor device that immediately begins gathering data from its nine commercial grade environmental sensors and reporting that data to the Junction Service in real time.

Our Service

Junction provides a dashboard to view important data from JunctionBoxes as well from other sensor companies and other sources on the Internet. Junction manages all the data and delivers alerts when conditions are abnormal. Junction integrates data from multiple sources. Junction creates actionable intelligence to give the user recommendations to keep physical conditions in good repair and lower operating costs.

JunctionBox™ Sensors and Alerts

Junction alerts are based on user thresholds customized for each sensor with set alert times and an alert hierarchy. Alerts are compatible with any mobile device.

How It Works



Wireless Sensors are Expanding the Capabilities of Junction

These small size sensors require a simple installation and are equipped with a long wireless range, integrating with the existing Junction system. The JunctionLink has water (leak/flood), temperature and humidity sensors with an accelerometer which will alert you if the device has been tampered with. There is an optional external contact temperature sensor and in and out relays for monitoring and controlling third party equipment.

A property can have an unlimited number of JunctionLinks.

Junction Installed


Easy Self-Guided Process 

Step-by-Step directions available online

Connected through Wifi, Ethernet or Cellular


Views of your data and buildings.

Building View

A detailed view of real time conditions and complete activity for each monitored space.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.01.00 AM

Portfolio View

Property managers can view their entire portfolios in one place.  Monitor hundreds of properties from one dashboard.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.01.13 AM

Junction Works With Nest

Junction is designed as an open platform to integrate data from external resources like Nest. Junction can provide alerts when temperature or humidity are outside of the user’s settings or if the Nest, user’s Internet or HVAC are not functioning properly.

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